Dear Friends! Dear Colleagues!

In these tragic days and weeks, one thought, only one thought, is on my mind, and that is - How can we support you? What can we do for you?

I know that food and medications are crucial. I know that blankets and seasonal clothes are certainly useful. I know that children's toys and books might be so badly needed. All needed and still, all is finite. But what else?

This is when I remembered the article I co-authored with the late Harold Mosak just a few years agо, and completed shortly before he died at the age of 96. "Faith, Hope, and Love in Psychotherapy" is the title of the article. Faith, Hope, and Love are that gift we ought to keep giving to each other on this badly battered planet, giving endlessly, not worrying about overdosing. This article is here for you, brave colleagues and dear friends.

With all my love,

Marina Bluvshtein

This information is meant for both psychology professionals and platforms dedicated to the informational and organizational support of psychologists.
Dear colleagues,

Please, allow me express the gratitude and respect for your support of people during this hard and uncertain time.

Shoulder by shoulder with you I more than a month work with Ukrainan people who met unexpected circumstances and surrounding problems, mostly with those who left their homes and are abroad.

And regardless the fact that the vast majority of problems have to be solved by practical steps more than by psychological approaches, I share this collected experience, which may become of use even for psychiologists, since the current tasks of psychologists are not only the support of people's balanced state but also finding internal personal motivation for each person to deliver value for the surroundings, country and their close ones that are in Ukraine.

For those of you who work with Ukrainians that had to leave their homes moving within Ukraine or crossing the border:
Please, find in attached file the structured information on the most often psychological problem of such people and the most workable ways to solve them.

Once you need further support or more consulting regarding this issue, please, don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

With best regards and faith in victory,
Elizaveta Vlasyuk
Psychology practitioner, volunteer and creator of the digital online service for motivational psychology